Reimagining the ayurvedic e-commerce experience: Combining the old with the new

Veda Naturals is bringing time-tested herbs to today’s world. They prioritize renewing one's ties with nature’s finest for a nourishing mind-body balance. During an intense 1-week sprint with Veda naturals, we re-designed their e-commerce experience, added storytelling to their products, rebranded, and restructured the website architecture.

Branding and UX DESIGN
Team Size
2 UX designers, 1 UI designer, 1 creative artist


We started the sprint with a concept workshop that involved all the decision-makers of Veda. We got clarity on their current state, their vision to scale the platform and brainstormed on how we could offer an e-commerce experience up to today’s standards. In the meantime, we also researched Veda’s main competitors, as well as performed a content audit on their existing e-commerce website.

Once we got all the information we needed, we worked on the concept and made low-fidelity prototypes.

The next step was to move to the mid-fidelity prototypes and clearly present the structure and functionality of the website to the client.

Right after getting the green light to proceed with the high-fidelity designs, we started the re-design of the brand, as well as the user interface directions.

In 1 week we managed to provide work that we are very happy with, due to a solid sprint roadmap, efficient communication with the client, and teamwork.

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