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Nasara is dedicated to helping merchants thrive and makes customer relationships easier by moving them to Whatsapp. With Nasara, sellers can create an appealing shop front, evaluate customer interactions and set up message automation. Bonanza Design created the Nasara platform in a 6-week UX Design & Branding Sprint. The team crafted an experience that both target (sellers) and end customers (buyers) would find value in.

Branding and UX DESIGN
Team Size
3 UX designers, 1 UI designer, 1 creative artist


The first week of the project was dedicated to gaining a full understanding of the challenges at hand and developing possible solutions.

Research points included: customer bases; emerging market of informal and solo entrepreneurs; and Nasara’s potential to work with larger companies in the future. The Bonanza Design team also performed a thorough analysis of five competitors.

The most useful data was gained through expert interviews with the merchants whose roadblocks had been solved by Nasara’s products. Through these interviews, Bonanza Design were able to create a user flow journey and build the two user personas the product was aimed at: sellers and buyers.



In order to flesh out the concept, Bonanza Design conducted a discovery workshop with Nasara stakeholders. This focused on the company’s expectations and aspirations, ensuring that their vision remained at the centre. These findings resulted in four concept ideas, which grew into low-fidelity designs.

In the next workshop, the team presented the strongest concept to Nasara. We had a feedback discussion, allowing us to further clarify their aspirations for the features and functions of the platform.



With a firm and compelling concept decided on, Bonanza Design set to work on the mid-fidelity prototypes.

Designing from two perspectives, the seller (direct customers) and the buyer (end customers), presented many challenges; alongside numerous and regular internal feedback sessions, we prioritised communication with Nasara to ensure that all clarifications aligned with their vision.



Thanks to the open flow of communication, Bonanza Design were able to iterate the process toward its final form, confident that the product was consistent with Nasara’s vision.

Whilst some of the team designed the mobile screens, giving the prototype a basic responsive design, our creative artist and UI designers prepared visual design directions for the Nasara team to choose from.

This simultaneous working process is typical of Bonanza Design’s efficient workflow, ensuring quick yet high-quality results for our clients.



The Nasara team were presented with three separate design directions established by the interface designers. Once they had decided upon the one that best fit their vision, we initiated the high fidelity design phase and defined Nasara’s branding aesthetic, as well as the UI library.

We then implemented the selected visual direction to our designs, resulting in our high fidelity prototype for both web and mobile solutions.



Six week sprints are always intense and after a productive few weeks of designing and iteration, the product was delivered on schedule. Nasara sat down for a show-and-tell with the Bonanza Team, allowing their fully realised vision to unfold in front of their eyes. So successful was the project that the presentation quickly led into optimistic discussions over Nasara’s future developments.

The product: a platform offering several types of monthly and annual subscriptions, with accompanying features, limits and customisation choices. Simple, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing.


Nasara serves an informal market of solo entrepreneurs who do not have the technological resources or business acumen of their larger-scale competitors. Bonanza Design took this into account, successfully building a platform aimed at the average person with ways to upgrade their involvement as their businesses, supported by Nasara, became more successful.

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